Special Programs

Dress Rehearsal & Enrichment Day

NMYO holds two Saturday afternoon rehearsals during the year. The December Saturday is used as a dress rehearsal for the first major concert of the year. In the spring, the Saturday rehearsal is anEnrichment Day Seminar in which ensembles work intensively to build skills with guest conductors and/or master classes. These concentrated seminars significantly increase skills and appreciation for the ensemble experiencep.

During Enrichment Day, outstanding professional conductors and/or musicians in the Greater Boston area share their experience and expertise with NMYO musicians. Enrichment Day allows time for more in-depth work on concert repertoire. Conductors also work to develop practice and rehearsal skills that teach students to receive maximum benefit from regular rehearsals.

Symphony/Wind Ensemble/Intermezzo First Rehearsal Outing

Each year, NMYO holds a first rehearsal Sunday outing at the Barn on The Crane Estate in Ipswich for members of Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Intermezzo Orchestra. This day includes music, ice cream, and fun at the beach (if permission is given by parents).

During the summer, musicians will receive a link to their music for the fall semester, as well as information regarding the outing: location, date, time and schedule for the day. Musicians should bring their printed music and a music stand with them to the outing. Musicians in Symphony, Wind Ensemble, and Intermezzo are expected to attend this kick-off into the new concert season, both for the opportunity to rehearse their music for the first time with the entire group, as well as having the chance to socialize with other members of their ensemble.

Chamber Music Program

All NMYO Symphony Orchestra musicians, and a few select members of the Intermezzo Orchestra, participate in the annual Chamber Music Program. The chamber musicians participate in one small chamber music ensemble that rehearses for 75-minutes each week during an eight-week period. Chamber groups are coached by area music professionals.

The goals of the NMYO Chamber Music Program are to:

  • Further musicians’ musical skills by learning to play more independently, increasing listening skills, and building self-expression
  • Instill appreciation for the chamber music experience through team work, responsibility, and dedication to the music
  • Enrich musicians’ NMYO experience by learning from professional chamber musicians
  • Build confidence through unique performing opportunities while engaging in community service

NMYO Chamber Musicians perform a concert at the conclusion of the program in March. Top chamber groups are chosen to perform in an Honors Concert. Each chamber group also performs an outreach concert through the NMYO Youth Serving Through Music Program.

Youth Serving Through Music

The Northeast Massachusetts Youth Orchestras is dedicated to teaching young musicians to serve others through their music. To this end, NMYO Chamber groups perform concerts at senior citizen residences, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and schools in one or more of the communities that NMYO serves. In addition to the chamber music concerts, NMYO holds at least two additional full-length concerts per year through the Youth Serving Through Music initiative to support community needs.

Youth Serving Through Music is a unique and important part of the NMYO experience. The opportunity for outreach brings awareness of underserved populations and empowers NMYO musicians by teaching them how their musical talents might be used to serve others. The goal of the program is to provide a musical experience that will remain with NMYO musicians throughout their lives as performers, audience members, and concerned citizens of their communities.

Composer-in-Residence Program

Each spring, the Intermezzo Orchestra collaborates with NMYO’s Composer-in-Residence, Robert Bradshaw, to help compose and perform a new piece of music. As an important developmental program, musicians work with the composer and learn to incorporate new skills. NMYO believes the performance of newly composed music plays an important part in the perpetuation of instrumental music by introducing young musicians to the composition process while exposing audience members to new musical compositions.

Community Service Opportunities

There are several opportunities for NMYO musicians to receive community service hours through NMYO. Some of the possibilities include: assisting with rehearsal room set up; helping with tuning and rehearsal for Prelude and Overture Ensembles; giving extra musical assistance to younger wind, brass, and percussion players; organizing the NMYO Music Library. NMYO musicians can contact the NMYO Administrator to sign up or find out more community service possibilities.

All NMYO musicians are invited to become mentors for the Lawrence string program, Community Strings, a program under Up With Music, Inc. The groups meet on Tuesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Participation can count toward a student’s school commitment for community service. Contact Trudy Larson, NMYO String Director, if you are interested in this opportunity.

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